What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

If you have missing teeth in your smile, partial dentures or dental implants may not be your only option. Dental bridges in Grand Island, NE are an effective way to restore a smile that has missing natural teeth. These prosthetic fixtures connect to existing teeth to close gaps in your smile where you may be missing one or more teeth. Find out the benefits of dental bridges below.

Dental Bridges Restore Chewing Function

Installing a dental bridge restores more than just a gap in your smile; your chewing function can also be mostly restored. Normally, when a tooth is extracted or missing, the surrounding teeth pick up the slack, which can cause undue stress and wear. A dental bridge allows you to continue chewing with the force of your bite evenly distributed across the bridge and the anchoring teeth.

Dental Bridges Offer a Long-Term Restoration Solution

A well-designed dental bridge can easily last for five to seven years, but many patients see much longer years of use when they maintain a good oral hygiene routine. In fact, it is not uncommon for a bridge to last 15 years or more. Therefore, while a dental bridge may not last quite as long as an implant, the option is still a long-term solution for most patients.

Dental Bridges Are More Stable Than a Partial Denture

Partial dentures are often a go-to solution for missing teeth because they are cost-effective. However, partial dentures may not be as stable as a dental bridge. A partial simply seats in the mouth around your natural teeth. And, the fixture can be removed for cleaning. Therefore, there is a possibility that the partial will shift and move while you are chewing or speaking. If you want a more stable option for just a few gaps in your smile, a bridge tends to be a better choice.

Talk to a Grand Island Dentist About Bridges

For the right patient, obtaining a dental bridge from a Grand Island dentist can be a life-changing treatment. If you feel that a dental bridge could be the right option for you, we are happy to do a consultation at Gentle Dental care. Reach out today to request an appointment.



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