What Does an Endodontist Do?

When you’re searching for a specialist in the dental world, the names can start to become confusing. Is an endodontist the same thing as a general dentist or an orthodontist? If you’re wondering what the differences are, we’ll look more at what you can expect from each specialty.

General Dentist and Orthodontists

general dentist in Grand Island, NE, is an oral health professional who typically focuses on preventative care. So, before you come into the office with major tooth decay or gum disease, they perform cleanings or cavity fillings to keep the teeth as strong as possible. If a patient’s tooth has become too damaged, they can also pull teeth as needed.

An orthodontist typically treats misaligned teeth, namely patients who need braces or clear aligners to correct their smile. This branch of dentistry primarily serves teens, though plenty of adults visit an orthodontist as their teeth gradually slide and shift over time.

Endodontists and Root Canals

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in trickier cases. Namely, they’re known for performing root canals and root canal surgeries in Grand Island, NE. Root canals occur when a tooth is too diseased for standard treatment, like a filling, but not so diseased that it needs to be pulled. Endodontists will typically do everything they can to save a natural tooth if it’s at all possible to save it. This is because removing a tooth can have adverse effects on the rest of the teeth, and this is true even if you are able to replace it with an implant.

Find an Endodontist in Grand Island, NE

If you’re looking for a specialty dentist, it’s easy to get confused about whom to call. This is largely because the rules above have exceptions to them. For example, you might find a general dentist who performs root canals, even though that’s not their specialty. If you’re looking for a professional with plenty of experience, it helps to talk to a staff that will put you first. At Gentle Dental Care, you’ll find all the answers to your questions, even if you’re dealing with a particularly tricky case.