Can Adults Straighten Their Teeth? What to Know

If you’re an adult with misaligned teeth, very likely you’ve resigned yourself to the idea that your teeth will always look this way. But what if you could change your teeth by making them straighter?

You can! Adults have many tools at their disposal to help straighten their teeth and help them achieve their goals for their smile. As your dentist in Grand Island, NE, we can help! Here’s what you need to know about straightening your smile as an adult.

Want straight teeth, but not the braces? Invisalign can help.

There are multiple options for adults who want straight teeth, but for adults who want straight teeth without the appearance of braces, Invisalign is the go-to tool.

Invisalign is made of clear plastic resin that fits over the teeth like a shield. Invisalign clear aligners straighten the teeth by pushing them gently into place. Once the teeth have been pushed into place with one set of aligners, the dentist swaps the aligners for the next set in the progression, until the teeth have been fully aligned.

Clear aligners work similarly to braces, by aligning the teeth in stages, but there are many advantages that clear aligners have over braces. Some examples:

  • Can be removed for eating. There’s no need to worry about food damaging your clear aligners, because you can take them out for meals.
  • Easy to maintain. Invisalign can be removed so the teeth and aligners can be cleaned before the aligners are put back in.
  • Subtle. Unlike braces, which are easy to see, Invisalign clear aligners are very difficult to see.
  • Comfort. Braces can cause small cuts in the mouth, but clear aligners will not.

How can I get started straightening my teeth?

Even as an adult, you can enjoy straight teeth. If you believe that Invisalign is right for you, the first step is to see your dentist to discuss straightening your teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

Are you interested in Invisalign in Grand Island, NE? Get started today. Call Gentle Dental Care to find out what you could do to improve your smile.