Am I a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge? How to Tell and What to Know

If you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge can help fill the gap. This is important because gaps in the mouth can cause teeth to shift over time, and that can lead to problems like tooth misalignment. Missing teeth can also impact the way you talk and chew and may even make you feel self-conscious when you smile.

As your dentist in Grand Island, NE, we’re committed to helping you maintain good dental health. At Gentle Dental Care, we offer a range of services to patients who are missing their permanent teeth, including dental bridges. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of prosthetic tooth that is held in place by two attached crowns that fit over the adjacent teeth. Once in place, the dental bridge looks natural and can’t be identified as a prosthetic tooth. Your dentist will even match the color of the bridge to the other teeth in your mouth so the bridge will appear to be totally natural.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

You’re a good candidate for a dental bridge if you have good dental health and healthy teeth to attach to the dental bridge. Your dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth to determine whether you are a good candidate. If you do not have good, strong teeth to attach the bridge to, then your dentist may recommend an implant instead.

How Is a Dental Bridge Different from an Implant?

An implant is a prosthetic tooth that is installed with (and fused to) the gums. A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is held in place when it is attached to the neighboring teeth.

Think You Need a Dental Bridge? Call Your Dentist Today

If you think you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge in Grand Island, NE, contact your dentist at Gentle Dental Care to learn more. A missing tooth can be a problem and is worth repairing. Our team of experts can help you find the best way to fill the gap and restore your smile.

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