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If you have an important event quickly approaching on your calendar and want to look your best, teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your whole look with fast results. At Gentle Dental Care in Grand Island, Nebraska, the expert dental providers offer Phillips® Zoom! whitening treatments in the office and take-home kits to keep your smile looking lustrous. To optimize your appearance with whiter teeth, call Gentle Dental Care for an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the most sought-after cosmetic treatment available. You might notice teeth whitening kits available at the drugstore, but these don’t compare to the quality you can get at Gentle Dental Care. The practice’s treatments are prescription strength and highly effective in whitening your teeth. 

You might see results from drugstore products, but usually only after several tries. Professional treatments whiten your teeth by eight shades in just one sitting.

Teeth whitening treatments from your dentist consist of either a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel or carbamide peroxide, which has a longer shelf life. In-office whitening products usually contain hydrogen peroxide, while home whitening kits contain carbamide peroxide.

Which teeth whitening option is best for me?

The team at Gentle Dental Care provides two types of teeth whitening treatments in better cater to your schedule and preferences. Your dentist helps you choose the best one for you after considering the choices. They are:

Zoom! In-office whitening

Zoom! In-office whitening is a process that happens in the dentist’s chair at Gentle Dental Care. The team applies a bleaching gel to your teeth and accelerates its processing with a bright light. It takes 30-45 minutes, and you can see the results right away.

Take-home whitening trays

Take-home whitening trays are tailored specifically to fit over your teeth. They’re filled with a prescription-strength bleach product. Depending on the strength of your bleach, you can wear them overnight while you sleep or for less than an hour.

Does teeth whitening lead to tooth sensitivity?

Zoom! Teeth whitening treatments cause little to no sensitivity if you use them as directed by your dentist. However, if you get whitening treatments too often, they can wear away at your enamel and cause you to develop sensitivity over time. Your dentist makes sure this doesn’t happen and lets you know how often you can get the treatments.

Picture yourself with a whiter smile. If you like what you see, call Gentle Dental Care or book an appointment online for teeth whitening today.