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Going under the knife is intimidating for any purpose, even if you know it will ultimately resolve your health problems and symptoms. At Gentle Dental Care in Grand Island, Nebraska, the team provides simple oral surgeries in the comfort of their office and helps you navigate the recovery. Call Gentle Dental Care today to learn more about oral surgery and see if you need surgery in the near future.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that involves invasive procedures in your mouth. Invasive procedures, or surgeries, are often necessary to treat disease or to improve the way your smile looks. 

If your dentist at Gentle Dental Care indicates that you need oral surgery, you might feel intimidated or uncertain about having such extensive work done. Your dentist makes sure you know exactly what to expect and that you’re confident about getting surgery. They offer options for sedation and anesthesia as necessary to make sure you’re not in pain during your surgery.

Why do I need oral surgery?

There are a number of reasons why your dentist might recommend oral surgery as part of your treatment plan. Some oral surgeries alleviate problems and their symptoms, while others are purely for cosmetic purposes. Common reasons for oral surgery include:

  • Reshaping teeth for crowns
  • Correcting the structure of your jaw
  • Making room in your mouth for prosthetics or orthodontic alignment
  • Checking lesions for oral cancer
  • Treating sleep apnea
  • Removing problematic teeth

If oral surgery is the best treatment option for you, your dentist tells you why. If you’re still feeling uncertain about undergoing surgery in the dentist’s chair, your dentist may be able to help you find other options.

What types of oral surgery are available?

The team at Gentle Dental Care provides several common types of oral surgery right in their comfortable office. Your dentist may recommend surgeries like:

Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions are on the simpler side when it comes to oral surgery. They become more complicated if your tooth is impacted, meaning it’s partially or fully below the gumline. Your dentist may need to make an incision to access the tooth before pulling it out.

Implant placement

Dental implants are an innovative option for tooth replacement, but they require surgery into your jaw via your gums. Your dentist makes an incision in your gums, removes any remaining tooth, then screws the implant into the bone.


Biopsies are simple surgeries that involve the removal of some tissue that seems suspicious or diseased. Your dentist sends the tissue to the lab for testing after removing it.

Sleep apnea surgery

Sleep apnea surgery is only necessary in extreme cases of sleep apnea that don’t respond to treatment with CPAP machines or snore guards. Your oral surgeon removes some of the tissue from your throat to open your airway.

If you’ve been told you may need oral surgery and would like more information about the specific process, call Gentle Dental Care or book an appointment online today.