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If you’re missing several teeth, an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution is to have a dental bridge. At Gentle Dental Care in Grand Island, Nebraska, the skilled dental team provides bridges to suit all your needs, expertly crafted and fitted to ensure comfort and a natural appearance. If you’d like to regain that perfect smile, call Gentle Dental Care to discuss the benefits of bridges or arrange your appointment.

Bridges Q & A

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges can fill the gap when you have one or more missing teeth. A bridge has a crown at each end that anchors the bridge in place, and replacement teeth in between to fill the gap. You can have gold, alloy, ceramic, or porcelain bridges, or a combination.

Bridges can restore your smile and the shape of your face. They help you chew normally and speak clearly, and take the strain off your other teeth. Bridges also help prevent your remaining natural teeth from moving out of their proper position.

There are several specialized types of bridges in addition to the traditional fixed bridges:

Cantilever bridges

Cantilever bridges are often used when you don’t have teeth on both sides of the gap.

Maryland bonded bridges

Also known as resin-bonded bridges, Maryland bridges are typically used when your front teeth are missing.

How are dental bridges fitted?

When you first visit Gentle Dental Care, your dentist prepares the teeth that are going to have the crowns on them. These are called the abutment teeth, and they need reshaping by removing some of the enamel and dentin, so the crowns fit properly.

Your dentist then takes impressions of your teeth, and the dental laboratory uses these impressions to make your bridge. While your permanent bridge is under construction, you wear a temporary bridge that protects the abutment teeth.

When your permanent bridge is ready, you make a second visit to Gentle Dental Care to have it fitted. Your dentist takes out the temporary bridge and fits the new bridge, making any adjustments necessary to achieve a good fit.

You might need to make return visits to Gentle Dental Care to have your bridge checked and adjusted to get it perfect. If you’re having a fixed bridge, your dentist can cement it into place temporarily so you can be sure it’s just right, before applying the permanent cement.

How long can dental bridges last?

Dental bridges fitted by the experienced dentists at Gentle Dental Care can last for seven years, sometimes longer. If you take care of your bridge by practicing good oral hygiene and having professional teeth cleanings regularly, your bridge could last for more than a decade.

If you have missing teeth that are spoiling your smile or affecting how well you can talk or eat, call Gentle Dental Care today to find out more or to schedule a consultation.